Welcome to the first edition of Volume 2 of ENLIT - the Journal of English Education, Linguistics, and Literature. Published on July 14, 2022, this volume continues our commitment to providing a platform for scholars and researchers to explore the dynamic intersections of English education, linguistics, and literature.

In this edition, we are excited to present a diverse selection of articles that tackle pressing issues and innovative approaches within these fields. These contributions reflect the dedication and intellectual rigor of our contributors, and we are delighted to share their work with you.


(1) Transglossic Language Practice of Generation Z on Instagram in Indonesia by Anggi Purwa Lestarina

Anggi Purwa Lestarina's article investigates the transglossic language practices of Generation Z on Instagram in Indonesia, shedding light on the evolving language dynamics in the digital age.

(2) Exploring Teacher's Identity in EFL Classroom: A Personal Reflection by Armin Fani

Armin Fani offers a personal reflection on the exploration of a teacher's identity in the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) classroom. This introspective study adds depth to the understanding of the teacher's role in language education.

(3) A Critical Discourse Analysis of Gender Disparity in Taskmaster by Nauka Nayana Prasadini

Nauka Nayana Prasadini conducts a critical discourse analysis of gender disparity in the popular show "Taskmaster." This analysis contributes to discussions on gender representation in media and discourse.

(4) The Use Of Hybrid Teaching To Teach English In Vocational High School by Fathyah Rahmaniah

Fathyah Rahmaniah's article explores the use of hybrid teaching methods to teach English in vocational high schools. This research addresses the adaptability of teaching approaches in response to changing educational landscapes.

(5) Struggle and Strategies Faced by Vocational High School During the COVID-19 by Rahmatika Kayyis, Dita Ayuningtyas, Fatma Yuniarti

Rahmatika Kayyis, Dita Ayuningtyas, and Fatma Yuniarti delve into the challenges and strategies faced by vocational high schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study offers insights into educational resilience in times of crisis.

(6) The Struggle of Woman Emancipation in the Movie “On The Basis Of Sex”: A Feminist Criticism by Maftuchah Dwi Agustina

Maftuchah Dwi Agustina provides a feminist criticism of the movie "On The Basis Of Sex," examining the portrayal of the struggle for women's emancipation. This analysis contributes to feminist discourse in literature and film studies.

(7) Enhancing Learner Autonomy through Collaborative Learning in a Distance Language Classroom of Morphology Class by Yasa Ayatina Ashidiq

Yasa Ayatina Ashidiq's research explores the enhancement of learner autonomy through collaborative learning in a distance language classroom focusing on morphology. This study offers innovative approaches to distance language education.

(8) Developing Local-Based English for Tourism Material for Religious and Cultural Tour Guide Program Students: A Needs Analysis by Muthia Farida

Muthia Farida conducts a needs analysis for developing local-based English for tourism materials tailored to religious and cultural tour guide program students. This study addresses the specific language needs of future tour guides.

We believe that this collection of articles exemplifies the spirit of ENLIT - a journal dedicated to fostering scholarly discourse and advancing knowledge in the realms of English education, linguistics, and literature. We extend our gratitude to the authors and contributors for their valuable contributions to this edition.

Thank you for joining us on this academic journey, and we look forward to your continued engagement with ENLIT.

Published: 2022-07-14