Focus and Scope

ENLIT is a scholarly journal that provides a platform for researchers and scholars in the fields of English teaching and education, English literature, and linguistics to publish their work. The journal aims to promote research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in these areas.

In the field of English teaching and education, ENLIT welcomes submissions on a wide range of topics such as ESL, TEFL, and CAR. These topics include teaching methods, curriculum development, assessment, language acquisition, and teacher education.

In the field of literature, ENLIT invites contributions on various literary genres, including but not limited to English literature, Kalimantan literature, pop literature, media, and movie study. The journal is committed to publishing research that explores different aspects of literary analysis, criticism, and theory.

In the field of linguistics, ENLIT welcomes submissions on various branches of linguistics, such as pragmatics, semantics, socio-linguistics, eco-linguistics, stylistics, and any other area that contributes to the study of language. The journal encourages interdisciplinary research that bridges the gap between language and other fields such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology.

All submissions to ENLIT should be written in English and should make a significant contribution to the relevant field. The journal is committed to maintaining high standards of academic integrity and rigor in its review and publication processes.