Welcome to the inaugural edition of ENLIT - the Journal of English Education, Linguistics, and Literature. Published on the 26th of April 2021, this volume marks the beginning of a scholarly journey that seeks to explore and illuminate various facets of English language education, linguistics, and literature.

In this edition, we are delighted to present a diverse range of articles that delve into critical aspects of English education and linguistic studies, as well as the rich tapestry of literature. These contributions reflect the passion and dedication of scholars and researchers in the field, and we are honored to showcase their work.


(1) An Exploration on The Use of Podcast in Speaking Class by Agustina Lestary

Agustina Lestary's article offers valuable insights into the utilization of podcasts as a teaching tool in the context of speaking classes. This research contributes to the evolving pedagogical strategies employed in English language education.

(2) The Effectiveness of Multimedia Application in Teaching Vocabularies for the Children in Rural Area by Norhayati

Norhayati's study focuses on the effectiveness of multimedia applications in teaching vocabulary, particularly for children in rural areas. This research addresses the challenges of providing quality education to diverse learner populations.

(3) The Component of Variation Skill Applied by a Teacher in “Freedom Writers” Film by Norliani

Norliani's examination of the variation skills employed by a teacher in the film "Freedom Writers" offers an intriguing perspective on pedagogical strategies portrayed in popular media, contributing to the ongoing discourse on effective teaching methods.

(4) Identities, Language, and Wayang Gung of South Kalimantan by Rezqan Noor Farid

Rezqan Noor Farid's article delves into the intersection of identities, language, and cultural expression through Wayang Gung in South Kalimantan. This exploration highlights the importance of language and culture in understanding diverse communities.

(5) Seller and Buyer Integrated Forms of Indonesian and Tetun Language in Pasar Baru Betun, Central Malaka, Malaka Province by Vincentius Mauk

Vincentius Mauk's research sheds light on language dynamics in a multicultural marketplace, providing valuable insights into linguistic interactions and integrated forms of Indonesian and Tetun language in Central Malaka.

(6) Politeness Strategies Used by Mario Teguh in Handling Questions in MTGW Program by Yusuf Al Arief

Yusuf Al Arief's study examines politeness strategies employed by Mario Teguh in handling questions, offering a nuanced understanding of communication dynamics in the MTGW program.

We believe that this diverse collection of articles represents the essence of ENLIT - a platform for scholars, educators, and researchers to share their expertise and contribute to the ongoing discourse in English education, linguistics, and literature.

As the founding edition of ENLIT, we hope this journal sparks intellectual curiosity, encourages critical thinking, and fosters meaningful dialogues within the academic community. We extend our gratitude to all the authors, reviewers, and contributors who have made this inaugural volume possible.

Thank you for joining us on this scholarly journey, and we look forward to your continued support and engagement with ENLIT.

Published: 2021-04-26