Welcome to the second edition of Volume 2 of ENLIT - the Journal of English Education, Linguistics, and Literature. Published on November 11, 2022, this volume continues our dedication to fostering academic discourse and knowledge sharing in the fields of English education, linguistics, and literature.

In this edition, we are pleased to present a compelling selection of articles that offer fresh insights into diverse aspects of language, literature, and education. These contributions reflect the commitment and scholarship of our contributors, and we are delighted to showcase their work.


(1) Context Clues in Reading Text for Improving EFL Students’ Reading Skills by Norhayati, Catharina Elmayantie

Norhayati and Catharina Elmayantie's article explores the use of context clues in reading texts to enhance the reading skills of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students. This research addresses pedagogical strategies in language education.

(2) Entrok and Little Women: Tell How Women Can Stand on Their Own Crown by Marsza Nurul Azmi, Agry Pramita

Marsza Nurul Azmi and Agry Pramita delve into literary analysis, comparing "Entrok" and "Little Women" to examine how women can assert their autonomy and power. This study contributes to feminist discourse in literature.

(3) The Comparative Literature Analysis of Collins' Novel 'The Hunger Games' and Veronica Roth's Novel 'Divergent' by Amirrudin, Ahmad Mustolih, Charimah Marta Ningrum

Amirrudin, Ahmad Mustolih, and Charimah Marta Ningrum conduct a comparative literature analysis of Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games" and Veronica Roth's "Divergent." This research offers insights into dystopian literature and societal critique.

(4) Multimodal Analysis on The Cultural Content of Indonesian High School English E-Textbooks by Denatasa Permatasari

Denatasa Permatasari's article employs multimodal analysis to examine the cultural content of Indonesian high school English e-textbooks. This study contributes to the understanding of culture in language education materials.

(5) Online Learning Difficulties of The Second-Semester Students of English Language Education Study Program of STKIP PGRI Banjarmasin during COVID-19 Pandemic by Maulidya, Ida Rusdiana, Wulida Makhtuna

Maulidya, Ida Rusdiana, and Wulida Makhtuna investigate the online learning difficulties faced by second-semester students of the English Language Education Study Program of STKIP PGRI Banjarmasin during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research addresses the challenges of remote education.

We believe that this collection of articles embodies the essence of ENLIT - a journal dedicated to advancing knowledge, fostering critical thinking, and promoting dialogue in the realms of English education, linguistics, and literature. We express our gratitude to the authors and contributors for their valuable contributions to this edition.

Thank you for joining us on this academic journey, and we look forward to your continued engagement with ENLIT.

Published: 2022-11-11