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Keywords: instagram, comment captions, politeness


Instagram is one of the social media used to get information and entertainment. Instagram is a social media used by many people and using instagram people can be free to express. One part of Instagram that is very interesting to discuss is the caption. Politeness is one of the strategies in communication that can be used for understanding speech during a community or social good in the community directly and in social media. One of the social media is being used to communicate with speech community that is Instagram. After, took 27 comments the writer were classifying and analysing these comments to find the politeness strategy that is used by netizens to response the Caption. This politeness strategy is based on Brown and Levinson, that are categories into 4 strategies. The writer found if there are 3 positive politeness strategy, 2 negative politeness strategy, 5 bald on record strategy, and 3 off record strategy.


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